We treat your business like it was our own and will support you from Idea to finish – in order to get the best product for your project.


To give customers a quick start and swift introduction, we have developed a series of development samples in popular sizes which will cover a wide range of applications. The Evaluation Kits are available for purchase through our worldwide network.


We will supply the needed documents – from Memory Stick with Documentation and Program examples:

– Getting Started Guides for Installation of TouchGFX.
– User Guide for Detailed Hardware Interface Description.
– User Guide for Software.

Partners Worldwide

In order to give the best and fastest service to you, besides our Sales offices, we also have a well spread family of Distributors and Representatives worldwide.

Furthermore we have made joint venture partnerships with STMicroelectronics and TouchGFX.

Product Longevity

We have a defined EOL policy in case a component is obsoleted and thereby affecting a modules availability. Following this policy you are able to secure delivery safety of up to 3 years from end of life notification, as you will be offered three options: Replacement module – Place LTB order – EOL component sourcing and stocking agreement.

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kit in 3 standard sizes with Touch and Coverlens. Evaluation Kits with all parts needed to start Designing instantly’. Evaluation Modules are preloaded with Application Software ‘talking’ to the ‘Outside World’ via the provided Interfaces.

Everything needed in the Evaluation Kit to Start Design and test:
Smart Embedded Module with Touch and Cover Lens.
Programming Adapter, ST-LINK-V2 and USB Cable.
Power Supply.
Memory Stick with Documentation and Program examples Getting Started Guides for Installation of TouchGFX and first use.
Programmer Software and Hardware installation.
User Guide for Detailed Hardware Interface Description.
User Guide for Software example of how to use GPIO, SPI.
I2C, RS232, RS485, USB and Backlight Control.

High end graphics

Smart Embedded modules enables you to add High end graphics to any product in a very short time. The modules are highly integrated providing many interfaces with low power consumption and instant start up time, and all necessary components to control the Display and Touch.

Whether you plan for a new application, updating from a monochrome display to a new contemporary display, a new HMI interface or an easy integration, and you want to reduce the numbers of challenges we all can face when developing a new solution is to think smarter and get the right support along the way.

With more than 25 years’ experience developing and manufacturing capacitive touch panels and displays with high quality and longevity support. Hence production is optimized to provide efficiency and prevent material and energy waste. The technology is mature but still a frontrunner in business, and this means keeping a high product quality level to reduce material waste and costs for you.
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