Disinfection Cleaning

This Technote describes the recommended cleaning and disinfecting procedure for EDT capacitive touch panels. Cleaning and disinfection of the touch panel surface is recommended by government health authorities since Coronavirus can remain for hours to days. This document covers products which have an integrated cover lens including those with special surface coatings (Anti-Reflective (AR)/Anti-Glare (AG)/Anti-Fingerprint (AF)).

Cleaning the EDT touch panel

  1. To prepare for cleaning and disinfection of the touch panel, power down the device (if possible) or otherwise ensure the product can be set in a service or cleaning mode.
  2. Avoid using large amounts of liquid and ensure liquids cannot get inside the product. Use wet-wipes or a sprayed or dampened cloth.
  3. Wet-wipes or cloth shall be smooth and non-abrasive types in order to prevent damage to the touch panel surface and coating.
  4. Wipe the touch panel in a Z-motion, ensuring the wet-wipe or cloth is in contact with the complete surface.
  5. Allow the touch panel surface to dry-off before powering-on the product.

Recommended cleaning liquids

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (≤ 75% alcohol)
  • Household Bleach 1:100 to Water

Non-Recommended cleaning liquids

EDT does NOT recommend cleaning or disinfecting your touch-panel with the following materials:

  • Isopropyl alcohol with concentration > 75%
  • Methyl Alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol with concentrations > 35% o Thinner or Benzine
  • Alkali-based lyes
  • Solvents
  • Acids
  • Detergents with fluoride
  • Detergents with abrasives
  • Ammonia-based Detergents with concentrations > 1.6% o Abrasive Cleaners
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