Partnership between EDT and STMicroelectronics

EDT – New member of the ST Partner program

As a well-established integrated display and touch solution provider in the industrial market EDT has thru recent years built up proven expertise in designing embedded product solutions and services leveraging ST microprocessors. As a new member of the ST Partner program we are now officially joining forces with ST.

Joining the partner program will facilitate and enhance our learning and growing together, thus benefiting each other ́s knowledge and experience.

Trusted partners are essential to EDT, and we expect thru the ST partnership to improve our visibility in the global embedded market and open a new era for EDT – worldwide.

This partnership has been in progress since EDT started developing our Smart Embedded graphical user interface platform, and it now gives us the ability to evolve faster and provide more value to our customers. It enables us to create agile solutions and speed up development significantly.

EDT’s President and CEO, Pauli Wang expressed his insight clearly: “We will be focusing on the human machine interface and user interaction thru various sensor technologies development, along with mechanical, electrical and optical integration, nicely fitted with intuitive and good looking graphics to re-shape the display industry and become more diversified, more value-added, and more user friendly.” We make your work easier – and your display smarter together with STMicroelectronics and TouchGFX.

Emerging Display Technologies Corp. Ltd. is a Taiwanese display and touch solution manufacturer with more than 186 patents and a strong focus on Smart Home, medical and industrial market applications. EDT has in total around 1200 employees worldwide, with local sales and technical support offices in Europe, the US, Japan and Taiwan. Worldwide Headquarters and the main factory are in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and EDT also produces display modules in their Dongguan, China plant.

Electronic circuits form an almost invisible part of the world we live in today. Currently STMicroelectronics is the 9th largest semiconductor company – accounting approximately 46,000 employees, 12 main manufacturing sites, advanced research and development centers in 10 countries, and sales offices all around the world. ST operates a worldwide network of front-end (wafer fabrication) and back-end (assembly and test and packaging) plants.

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